"The shimmering guitars and matter-of-factly tone of the lyrics recall the Smiths . . . Perhaps pop music could learn a thing or two." - Alt77.com

If you've ever been to a Wrevlonne show, chances are you saw people dancing - and that's absolutely the way it's supposed to be. Wrevlonne sounds like Revlon, fittingly - an embellished, musical way to find beauty in this crazy, mixed-up world. They formed in San Antonio, Texas, in 2022, and immediately began making their mark on the musical landscape.

Sonically, Wrevlonne blends modern indie with 80's-influenced new wave and post-punk, adding a touch of surf and psychedelia into the mix. Soundscapes are simultaneously dreamy and upbeat, with hooks galore to pull the listener into a unique sound that is absolutely their own. Tight rhythms and textured guitars get bodies moving while Eddie Wagner's one-of-a-kind baritone vocal stylings and lyrics paint pictures of love and life through intimate portraits. 

Influences include Beach Fossils, CASTLEBEAT, Yot Club, DIIV, The Drums, Real Estate, The Strokes, Future Islands, The Smiths, The Cure, David Bowie, and others.

Wrevlonne has opened for national touring acts, performed at the South Austin Summer Fes musical festival, livestreamed a set for Local Sets ATX, has been featured on college radio and major podcasts (including Single of the Week on KRTU 91.7 and The Chuck Vans Show Podcast), and has an original song featured on SingMeAStory.org. Their music has combined for over 16,000 streams on Spotify, as the band played across Texas supporting the releases. Their release, “if I C U again” (12/07/23), was chosen for “Best New Tracks” #41 on unrecordedmu.com. 

2024 will see Wrevlonne releasing the new EP, “Love, Love, Love" (06/27/24), amassing more fans, releasing new music, and touring further outside of their regional confines. 

Wrevlonne is Nate Jaworski (bass), Ken Williams (guitar), Gabe Wilcoxen (drums), Richard Fetchick (guitar), and Eddie Wagner (vocals).